This project was nominated for DesignTalent2017 The protect is based on how to make a atmospheres of home in for example modern office buildings. The result is a collection of twenty-four designs for curtains in different colours and patterns. The project plays with the use of design […]

Zone Denmark

This project is made for Zone Denmark. The result is three series of printed PWC placemats with four placemats in each.   

Shade and Transparency

The project plays with the different between shade and transparency within curtains. It uses only colours to open and close for the transparency. The result of this project is a collection of thirteen designs for curtain, differentiated by colours. Half of the designs are in […]


This project was nominated for DesignTalent2015 The inspiration has been taking from, Glasgow GB. The project is made with a focus on sustainability – it strives to make the user keep the products for a long time. The collection includes one tablecloth, four placemats and […]